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A-Z List just launched

Today, we proudly launched our list of Common Health Problems online. This is a big day for me, as I feel the Energetic Herbals site has now evolved to it’s next phase, a phase which will provide our web users with a more thorough understanding and easy-to-use resource for treating their health problems.

My vision for this website is to create a sense of community – and perhaps one day an actual online community – as well as a place to go to when feeling unsure, confused or unwell. This list has been compiled over many years of herbal practice, and hopefully you, our clients and users, will have be provided with a valuable overview of the powerful effect herbal treatments can have on one’s health and wellbeing.


As always, I invite you to contact me  if you have any questions, specific health queries or problems, or if you require more information about our herbal remedies.


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