About Energetic Herbals

plant and water dropletEnergetic Herbals is the name of a South African company that blends and ssupplies herbal remedies to health practitioners, and members of the public.
At present the herbal remedies, along with single herbs, are sold exclusively in capsule and tincture format.

The business took birth in 1988 when Pieter Van Der Westhuyzen began his intensive study of Iridology, Naturopathy, Herbalism and Energetic Medicine. Six years later he left his post as a lecturer in Food Technology and Physics, at Natal Institute of Technology (Durban). He then started what was to become a successful practice as a natural health practitioner with an absolute certainty in the mind/body connection and the healing thereof.


How Energetic Herbals came to be realized


In the course of this alternative health practice, Pieter required natural medicines that would bring effective relief from the various disorders presented by his clients. Hence the creation of Energetic Herbals offering this range of 33 inspired and effective herbal remedies. The efficacy of these blends has been constantly monitored and adjusted over the past 22 years, to optimize results.

Pieter lives with his  be-loved partner Su and their  children in McGregor, Western Cape, South Africa, where they run this unique herbal company, together with their dedicated team. When they’re not consulting with clients, picking herbs or  supervising the manufacture of Energetic Herbals, they’re busy with the simple and awe-some aspects   of Life.




Contact Energetic Herbals

Please feel free to contact either Pieter or Su with any product queries or questions about conditions that you may have.  Or simply what plants will shift emotions you have carried around forever and choose to let go….

Susannah Light , Pieter Van Der Westhuyzen