About Us

Pieter has traversed a very full and fascinating life, thus far, in the five decades of “his story”.
He grew up in the north of Zululand, when it was still untamed and hippos, monkeys and crocodiles were common on the coastal regions in which he lived.

At school he consistently achieved top marks throughout, was Dux in his matric year, along with being chosen as head prefect. He partook in a wide range of sports and activities and after matriculating went on to Australia as a Rotary exchange student.

Thereafter he returned to South Africa, to commence a degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Natal, Durban.  In his final, honours year of university he discovered Iridology, Herbalism and Naturopathy, via courses that he did with Farida Sharan, then head of the British School of Iridology, who had come to SA in 1987.
These modalities so captured his attention that he swung his full passion and interest to the research and application of natural healing methods.  Some 26 years later he has well-established natural health consultancy practices in Stellenbosch and Cape Town, where he sees clients on a monthly basis.

Pieter developed an effective range of herbal blends based on his experience as a natural health practitioner, namely Energetic Herbals.
He also teaches courses such as:
“The Energetics of People, Herbs and Food” and
“Psychiridology” (mental-emotional iridology) .



Pieter met his lifet partner, Su, 25 years ago and they have four children together (along with a menagerie of animals), living in McGregor, a small village in the Western Cape, where they place their emphasis upon natural living, integrity, balance, harmony and waking up from the dream-state.


Su Light has likewise had an interesting life.
Mother to 6 children,  Su  opted for simplicity and a lifestyle where peace, space and time were more important than career or empire building.   Su is  a laughter yoga practioner.   She is the admin behind the name.
You are most welcome to contact her with any health queries you may have.

Cian, our second son is now a valued part of the business. Welcome on board Cian.