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A-Z List just launched

Today, we proudly launched our list of Common Health Problems online. This is a big day for me, as I feel the Energetic Herbals site has now evolved to it’s next phase, a phase which will provide our web users with a more thorough understanding and easy-to-use resource for treating their health problems. My vision […]

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Moisture – Can We Get Too Much?

Just before we get to our topic on moisture, have you noticed the new feature on the website? It’s an A – Z list of common health problems, with a guide to herbal remedies that are effective and appropriate. In writing this next post, I’m going to adhere to the structure I set in […]

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My skin stays dry, no matter what

Do you keep putting on moisturiser, but your skin stays dry? This is telling you that the cells of your body are also too dry and that you need to look more broadly and see if you have any other signs of dehydration, such as thirst, dry hair, dry mouth, throat or lips. Curiously enough, […]

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Three Levels of Healing

Right now, seems like a good time to share with you a map of where I plan to go over the next few months, to see if you’d like to come along for the trip. I’m embarking on a journey of understanding and healing and I plan to visit every “level”, whether physical, mental-emotional or […]

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A New Beginning

I am grateful to our web designer, Paula Biggs, for her creativity, skill and patience. It brings me great delight to see our new website going live in cyberspace and finding its way into your reality.. This is the first layer of a website whose aim is not only to meet your health needs, but […]

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