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What makes Herbal Remedies effective?


Based upon 26 years of research into Herbalism, Naturopathy, Iridology, Energetic Principles, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda and a longstanding, successful practice as a Natural Health Practitioner; Pieter Van Der Westhuyzen finds that the following factors are of utmost importance when formulating effective herbal remedies:


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There are several reasons why this range of Herbal Remedies is special.


  • Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, it is vital that a herbal formula should ensure the correct digestion, absorption and distribution of its active ingredients throughout the body! These special assistant herbs are known as “Conductors”. Energetic Herbals makes good use of them.
  • Secondly, Pieter has followed the principles of Energetic Herbalism in formulating these blends. One example of which is Traditional Chinese Herbalism. This philosophy of healing matches the energies and actions of specific herbs, to the energies presented by the person’s symptoms, against his / her constitutional background. For example, a “warm and moist” disease is treated with “cold and dry” herbs – and so on. Applying these principles must affect not only the choice of main herbs, but also the herbal Conductors used. These are different for each formula and are selected according to their energetic “alignment” with the herbal remedy. Consider, must the herbal remedy act at the surface, or deeper within? Should it have a rising or descending influence? On which organs must it act? Need it be calming or invigorating? Must it warm or cool the body, or just a part thereof? Should the herbal remedy dry or moisten?
  • Thirdly, throughout this range of herbal remedies the active ingredients, or “Main Herbs”, are based on what actually works and not on the what’s currently fashionable. We make use of herbs that are unsurpassed in their respective domains of action. Examples include MasterwortGolden Seal and Small Flowered Willow Herb, along with Traditional African Herbs such as SutherlandiaLeonotisPentzia and Sceletium, to name but a few.

St John's wart used by us at Energetic Herbals

  • There’s a fourth reason that makes this range of herbal remedies is special, which may be stated: “Even the “little things” add up.”
    For example the herb Liquorice Root depletes potassium reserves in the body. When its used in an Energetic Herbals formula it is compensated for by the use of potassium-rich Dandelion Leaf, or if more appropriate, Potassium Citrate or Aspartate.

Likewise, St John’s Wort is used together with Spirulina, to compensate for the depletion of water-soluble vitamin A (carotenoids) by the former.
This type of attention to detail is seen throughout our range.

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