Common Health Problems

Which of these common health problems and imbalances affects you?

Does your body crave moisture?

Do you battle with dry lips, mouth and skin, or tinnitus?
Do you remain thirsty no matter how much you drink?
Are you feeling irritable, aggressive or depressed?

Moisten and soothe your body and soul.


Do you suffer from indigestion and heartburn?

Do you battle with abdominal fullness, bloating, belching or flatulence?
Have you lost your passion, enthusiasm or spontaneity?

Get the digestive fire burning just right. Digest and Absorb.


Is it time to confront the enemies within?

Have you been feeling exhausted and weak?
Are you bloated, itching, allergic and craving?
Is your concentration poor and your thinking fuzzy?

Get parasites and pathogens out of your body. Natural antibiotic.


Do you feel like burying your head in the sand?

Does nothing seem to fill that emptiness?
Have you lost interest in your usual activities?
Are you plagued by depression or sadness?
Not coping?

Imagine yourself enthusiastic and energetic. Nerve nourish.


Have you lost control of your bladder?

Does it feel as if your uterus or rectum is sagging?
Are you in need of a blend of herbs that tones and strengthens the lower pelvic muscles?

A combination of herbs effective in countering prolapse. Anti prolapse.


Is your precious liver in danger?

Not coping with the excesses in your life?
Nausea, lack of appetite or constipation ruining the party?
Not to mention irritability, anger and fatigue

Herbs that help to clean and regenerate the liver . Liver and Gall.


Has your prostate gland lost its tone, or become swollen and inflamed?

Do you wake up to urinate, at night?
Are there delays to the start and stop of the urinary stream?
Do you feel, in any way, disempowered, powerless or redundant?

Love your prostate. Prostrate Heal.


Is your heart cause for concern?

Is something amiss with the pressure or pace?
Do you need a turnaround?
From ancient to modern, we’ve known of herbs that heal the heart.

Our favourite heart restorative is: Heart Strengthen.


Are you tortured by hot flushes?

These temperature surges are signs of an oestrogen deficiency.
Some plant oestrogens heat the body, whilst others cool.
The cooling ones are ideal for clearing out hot flushes.

Choose cooling oestrogens. Natural Oestrogen.


Do you feel strangled by anxiety?

Are you stressed, tense or fearful?
Constantly busy mind and lots of worries?
Are you experiencing heart palpitations?

Feel calm and relaxed again. Anxiety ease.


Do you need an arterial plumber?

Is arteriosclerosis, or atherosclerosis, clogging up your pipes?
Do you have high cholesterol or calcium plaques?
Herbs can go a long way towards cleaning the arteries.

These herbs benefit the arteries: Clear arteries.


When sore throats leave you croaking…

When you’re tired of resorting to antibiotics
to bring a sore throat under control, then its time to meet Masterwort and its assistants.

Get rid of sore throats now . Throat Heal.


Getting weaker despite the good food that you eat?

Is there a need to restore the mineral density of your bones and the tone of your muscles?
To increase the body’s alkalinity and oxygenation?
There are herbs that can help to nourish and strengthen deeply.

Give your body a real gift. Herbal Pot-Mag.


How’s your memory?

Recollection and concentration not what you’d like them to be?
Too many senior moments?
The memory should be an asset and not a liability.

Use these special herbs to send vital energy to the top floor. Brain circulation.


Nourish and balance the kidneys.

Storehouse of essence and energy, master chemists.
Removing everything and replacing only what’s needed.

Clear sediment and infection with: Kidneys Clear.


Are you struggling with difficult menstruation, discharge or pain?

Here’s a way to restore balance, whilst nourishing uterus and ovaries.
To regulate and ease menstruation.
Assist the absorption of iron and calcium.
Soothe away irritability and tension.

Restore balance with this unique progesterone blend: Natural Progesterone.


Is your thyroid letting you down?

Do your hands and feet get cold easily?
Is your hair growing slowly, or falling out?
Have you been gaining weight?
Have your menstrual periods grown longer, or stronger?

Activate your thyroid: Thyroid Balance.


Some tenants are hard to evict.

Fortunately for us there is an age old remedy.
Something natural that they find vile,
which helps drive them out, without harming you, the host.

Even for such tenacious parasites we have the right answer. Worms Out.


Nourish and balance the lungs.

Masterful pumps, extracting oxygen and energy from the air.
Ruling the transportation and transformation of air and water.
Expelling toxins via the impure air leaving the body.

Herbs that benefit the lungs. Lung Strengthen.


Please note, the above symptoms are just a selection based on commonly experienced health problems. Please feel free to contact me (Pieter), to discuss any problems or symptoms that aren’t covered in this list.