Digest and Absorb

Improve poor digestion and promote absorption


Improve Poor Digestion with Calamus Root

Improve Poor Digestion with Calamus Root

  • Getting the digestive fire to burn just right and the bowels working the way they should, with no more bloating and gasiness.
  • Regular
  • Reliable
  • Complete

This herbal remedy contains:

Blue-flowered African Sage
Calamus Root
Milk Thistle
Holy Thistle
Prickly Ash

Traditional uses of these herbs:

  • Digestive weakness, malabsorption and malnutrition.
  • Flatulence, belching or indigestion.
  • Abdominal fullness, bloating or gasiness.
  • Nausea, vomiting or loose stool.
  • Fatigue.
  • Food allergies.
  • Heavy head and body.
  • Itching around rectum.
  • Poor appetite and poor circulation.
  • Low stamina and poor immunity, with recurring illness.
  • Dizziness or absent-mindedness.
  • Colic.

These herbs promote the following mental-emotional patterns:

  • This is the antidote for those who are feeling bored, disinterested, or fed up with life.
  • When it seems that life is just serving more of the same old stuff, this blend of herbs helps to rid you of that stale, picky, judgmental, disinterested feeling
  • Induces enthusiasm, willingness and spontaneity.
  • The ability to embrace and accept what life has to offer increases.
  • Feeling more harmonious, grounded, balanced, centered and strong.
  • There is more of value and interest in life and it becomes easier to stomach and handle.
  • Warmth, openness and passion for life steadily increase.

Blended to obtain the following energetic profile:

  • Warming and drying.
The above mentioned blend of herbs is available in a very specific ratio, together with an additional combination of herbs that enhance its digestion, absorption and energetic properties.
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