Improve Prolapse and tone the urinary system with


Improve Prolapse with Astragalus Exscapus

Improve Prolapse with Astragalus Exscapus

  • Tone and uplift the lower pelvic muscles.
  • Relieve incontinence and counter prolapse.
  • Strengthen the urinary system.


This Herbal Remedy Contains:

Gravel Root
Ladies Mantle

Traditional uses of these herbs:

  • Loss of urine with coughing, sneezing or physical exertion.
  • Sagging muscles (prolapse) of rectum, intestines, uterus or vagina.
  • Heavy, dragging sensations in lower abdomen, rectum or vagina.
  • Rectal or genital pains and itching.
  • Frequent, urgent, dripping or painful urination.
  • Chronic backache.
  • Nighttime loss of urine, or need to urinate excessively
  • Childhood bedwetting.

These herbs promote the following mental-emotional patterns:

  • Experiencing greater emotional and mental control over your life.
  • Recovering from a state of collapse or giving up.
  • Becoming firmer and not over-compliant.
  • Better able to deal with concerns and anxieties.
  • Self-acceptance and reassurance as to your worth.
  • Recovering a sense of hope.
  • Increased resilience.
  • Regaining your power.

Ideal Energetic Properties

  • COOL. DRY.
  • Bitter. Astringent. Slightly Pungent. Slightly Sweet.
  • Decongesting. Stabilising. Restoring.
The above mentioned blend of herbs is available in a very specific ratio, together with an additional combination of herbs that enhance its digestion, absorption and energetic properties.
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