Moisten and Soothe

Reduce dryness with Moisten and Soothe


Reduce Dryness with the Help of Marshmallow Root

Reduce Dryness with the Help of Marshmallow Root

  • To relieve dryness, whilst soothing and clearing heat and irritability.
  • To regulate acidity, clear ulcers and reduce inflammation.
  • To relieve gastric pain and settle the stomach.

This herbal remedy contains:

Liquorice Root
Marshmallow Root
Slippery Elm
Comfrey Root
Solomon’s Seal root

Traditional uses of these herbs:

  • Treating subtle or chronic dehydration, with symptoms such as: dryness, rough, chapped or cracked lips. Dry cough, dry stools, dry skin or dry mouth.
  • Unusual thirst.
  • Halitosis.
  • Ringing ears.
  • High cholesterol.
  • Depression.
  • Upper abdominal pain, or burning digestion.
  • Gastric and duodenal hyperacidity.
  • Peptic or duodenal ulcer.
  • Acute or chronic gastritis. Colitis.
  • Heartburn. Fatigue. Weakness.
  • Ravenous hunger.
  • Constipation.
  • Dark yellow/red urine.
  • Craving for cold.
  • Bloody nose, stools or urine. Blood in any discharges.
  • Yellow mucous. Red tongue. Red face or eyes. Yellow-coated tongue.
  • Infections. Inflammations. Aversion to heat.
  • Dark, scanty urination.
  • Haemorrhaging.
  • Irritability. Fast pulse.
  • Sweating easily.
  • Strong appetite.
  • Fever. Sticky, thick and hot excretions

These herbs promote the following mental-emotional patterns:

  • Resolution of conflict.
  • Becoming more inspired and creative, thus ending a “dry spell”.
  • Calmly and firmly setting aside our reactions of irritation and frustration.
  • Getting past the reactive habits of worry, fear, nervousness or aggression.
  • Developing greater immunity to an aggravating or irritating environment.
  • Calmly dealing with the feelings that have been eating you up inside.
  • Re-discovering peace.

Ideal energetic properties

  • Sweet. Slightly salty.
  • Restoring. Calming. Relaxing. Softening.
  • To further assist the remoistening of the body: avoid smoking cigarettes or cannabis, drinking coffee, tea, alcohol, aspirin, disprin and avoid spicy, bitter, heating and acidic foods.
  • Drink lots of good quality water.
The above mentioned blend of herbs is available in a very specific ratio, together with an additional combination of herbs that enhance its digestion, absorption and energetic properties.
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