Lung Strength

Strengthen the lungs by restoring, repairing and moistening with Lung Strength


Strengthen Lungs with Golden Rod

Strengthen Lungs with Golden Rod

  • Assist the body in halting lung disease and repairing lung tissue.
  • Resolve phlegm and promote expectoration.
  • Relieve coughing and wheezing.
  • Reduce infection.

This herbal remedy contains:

Bloublomsalie (Salvia chamelaeagnea)
Kattekruid (Ballota africana)
Wilde Als (Artemisia afra)
Golden Rod
Liquorice root
Marshmallow Root


Traditional uses of these herbs, in the treatment of:

  • Battling to breathe.
  • Ongoing cough.
  • Irritable or nervous cough.
  • Hot and or damp lungs.
  • Whooping cough or croup.
  • Wheezing, painful or tight chest.
  • Coughing up plugs of sticky phlegm.
  • Full cough with white or yellow sputum or blood.
  • Sore throat.

These herbs promote the following mental-emotional patterns:

  • Balancing pressure with release
  • Regaining a sense of your correct rhythm and place in life.
  • A feeling of increasing abundance, both emotional and material.
  • Living more sincerely and enthusiastically.
  • An increasing sense of freedom and support from the universe.
  • The return of meaning and depth to life.
  • Feeling refreshed.
  • Feeling expansive.

Ideal energetic properties

  • Sweet. Slightly bitter. Slightly pungent.
  • Decongesting. Softening. Relaxing. Nourishing. Restoring.
The above mentioned blend of herbs is available in a very specific ratio, together with an additional combination of herbs that enhance its digestion, absorption and energetic properties.
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