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Three Levels of Healing

three levels of healing

three levels of healing

Right now, seems like a good time to share with you a map of where I plan to go over the next few months, to see if you’d like to come along for the trip.
I’m embarking on a journey of understanding and healing and I plan to visit every “level”,
whether physical, mental-emotional or spiritual.

What will you gain from coming along?
You’ll get to know yourself more thoroughly, starting with a deeper understanding of the energetics of each organ in your body and therefore how to live and eat to regain and keep your natural balance.
As a frame of reference we’ll start by exploring the cornerstones of Energetic Medicine, the qualities of Heat, Cold, Dry, Damp and Wind, lifting out and highlighting what’s important, without wading through unnecessary details.
Next we’ll branch out into the Syndromes, learning how to detect them, seeing which are at play in our own reality and understanding how to eat, drink and think, to counterbalance these excesses.

Deepening beyond the physical, we’ll look at how our syndromes affect our personality and the nature of our thoughts and behaviour.
In getting to know ourselves and our temperament ever more thoroughly, we’ll use tools such as the Enneagram, Myers-Briggs Personality Types and Psychiridology.

As for matters of the Spirit, how does one explore this, given the diversity of opinion and belief amongst us humans?
Anyone with eyes to see and the Heart to know, will recognise that we are powered by the same Source. Each of us carries a compass that points Home, to the Peace that is beyond thought. There is much of interest and practical application in learning to live consciously with Spirit.

On this journey we’ll be offering you the opportunity for in-depth analyses, feedback and advice on your health matters, practical Energetic Herbalism training, via the website and hands-on courses, sharing Self-knowledge via the written word and experiential retreats.

In the next few days we’ll open the discussion on Energetics by looking at;
dryness of body and mind.
You’ll see why I’ve put it in first place.

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