The implications of this science/art are, for each of us, powerful and profound. To be able to look into a person’s eyes and see, at a few glances, the functional state of each organ within the body. To see the levels of infection or toxic accumulation, extent of structural strength or damage, nerve and blood supply, muscular tension, deficiencies, mucous or lymph elimination…and much more.


Iridology Chart


What is it?

Essentially a system whereby one scrutinises the iris and the sclera (the coloured and white parts of the eyes, respectively) under magnification. In so doing, one takes note of any markings (shape, depth and colour) – matching the position of these markings to an “Iris Map”, thus indicating the body parts affected and the extent thereof. By analysing the relationships between the organs thus revealed, a sensible course of action is indicated.



Natural Health Practitioner and Iridologist, Pieter Van Der Westhuyzen has specialised in the understanding of personality types and also the specific mental-emotional issues of each individual, as diagnosed through iridology.

If you would like to know more about Iridology, and/or would like Pieter to do an assessment of the physical and mental-emotional issues that are revealed by your irises – or if you would like to pose other health-related questions to him, then please contact him.